Nodexus is creating tools to detect, characterize, and isolate single cells of interest from complex heterogeneous samples.
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Our flagship product enables isolation of target single cells in a viable and pure manner. The NX∙One has broad applicability both upstream and downstream of existing workflows.


Modes of Operation

1)  Standalone system for isolation and dispensing of individual single-cells or cells in bulk - detection of cells is based on size criteria and fluorescence markers/reporters

2)  Upstream of genomic analyses (PCR, NGS, RNA-Seq, microarray), immunofluorescent imaging, proteomics tools, culture, or other single-cell processing

3)  Downstream of existing instrumentation such as FACS, MACS, or liquid biopsy systems for volume enrichment and/or single-cell isolation

Our proprietary technology suite, both independently developed and exclusively licensed from the University of California, Berkeley comes together to form a single-use disposable microfluidic cartridge that detects, analyzes, and collects desired cells of interest. Our walk-up usable system requires minimal sample preparation and reduces hands-on time and labor costs.


Exclusive Licensees of the Regents of the University of California


Publications highlighting this exclusively licensed IP have received a number of awards:

  • 2014 - A proposal highlighting the core sensing module was selected as one of five winners internationally, and recognized as a Revolutionary Platform Technology for Advancing Life Sciences Research as part of the Innocentive Challenge. The Challenge was sponsored by the W. M. Keck Foundation, Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, Kavli Foundation, Burroughs-Wellcome Trust, Templeton Foundation, and Research Corporation.

  • 2013 - A publication featuring the sensing technology was awarded by the Editors of Lab on a Chip to be selected for the themed category, “Lab on a Chip Top 10%,” for being of “exceptional significance for the miniturisation community” and demonstrating a “breakthrough in device technology [and] methodology”. Nodexus co-Founders Karthik Balakrishnan and Anand Kesavaraju are both authors on this paper.